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What did the community say? 

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The Community Questionnaire 

The community questionnaire is one of the most important parts of the comprehensive plan. The questionnaire provides an introductory look at what residents in the community find important, really appreciate, or want to change. The Jefferson Hills community questionnaire received a total of 1,212 responses from July to December 2022, providing a wealth of knowledge about the community. The project team promoted the questionnaire in a variety of ways, including:

  • Promotion at Community Day, Concerts in the Park, and Holiday in the Hills

  • Advertisement in IN West Jefferson Community Magazine

  • Promotion on the borough’s social media and website as well as the project website

  • Mailing a postcard to every household

Want to know more?

Some key takeaways from the questionnaire are included below!

How do you feel about Jefferson Hills as it is today?

A pie chart labeled "What is your favorite thing about Jefferson Hills?". The results are 42% School District, 32% Sense of Community, 30% Green space/semi-rural feel, 18% Safety, and 10% Neighborhoods/housing


What are the most important aspects of the community?

1. Safe community to live in
2. Quality of schools
3. Well-run local government
4. Low tax rates
5. Environmental quality

How important are the following issues in the communities as we move forward?


1. Affordability of living here
2. Attracting businesses to Jefferson Hills
3. Addressing traffic safety issues
4. Expansion of recreation facilities
5. Stormwater management/flood prevention

How should the future of the community look?

When it comes to future land use and development, what would you like to see in Jefferson Hills?


1.  Permanently protect green space
2. Additional development of retail and services
3. Continue adding plans with single-family homes
4. Increase smaller housing options
5. Build up mixed-use village areas (housing and businesses)

A pie chart labeled "Do you think Jefferson Hills should remain a bedroom community/primarily residential area?". The results are 72% Yes, 13% No, and 15% Other.
A pie chart labeled "Do you feel that the Borough should make it a priority to develop, build, and operate a Community Center?". The results are 44% Strongly Agree, 21% Agree, 18% Neutral, 5% Disagree, and 12% Strongly Disagree.
A pie chart labeled "Which of the following is closest to your sentiment on unconventional oil and gas development (fracking)?". The data shows 42% Inappropriate for Jefferson Hills, 36% This activity should be limited to industrial areas with its impacts controlled, 15% This activity is appropriate for large properties, observing regulations, and 7% This activity should be encouraged in more areas of the Borough.

Stay involved in the process by signing up for updates and look out for us at an upcoming community event!

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