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The Key Issues: Tell us what you think!

Key issues are problems and opportunities that the Comprehensive Plan will address. These issues must be feasible and relevant to the community. Based on resident and stakeholder input, we identified the following key issues for Jefferson Hills: 

  • Future Development and Green Space

  • Growing Recreation Facilities and Programming 

  • Opening the Borough for Business

  • Borough Communications

  • Physical Infrastructure Systems 

Read more about the key issues and tell us what you think by filling out the comment form below! 

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Future Development and Green Space 

This issue could address: 

  • Future land use

  • Planning for the Mon-Fayette Expressway expansion

  • Subdivision and Land Development Ordinances (SALDO)

  • Conservation programs

  • Addressing unconventional drilling and fracking

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Growing Recreational Facilities and Programming

This issue could address: 

  • Understanding recreation needs and desires

  • Identifying specific facility improvements

  • Exploring possibilities for expanded offerings at the Borough Building

  • Exploring partnerships with the school district and neighboring municipalities

  • Securing grant funding

  • Capitalizing on the Montour Trail 

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Open For Business

Opening the Borough for Business

This issue could address: 

  • Working with local business businesses to identify issues and opportunities to doing business

  • Streamlining business policies and procedures

  • Identifying sites and corridors for investments

  • Economic development and marketing

  • Securing grants 

  • Coordination with Pleasant Hills on addressing business development 

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Borough Communications

This issue could address: 

  • Website updates

  • Consideration of a borough-specific publication

  • Engaging partners

  • Communication about business and investment opportunities

  • Communication with residents 

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Physical Infrastructure Systems

This issue could address the following: 

  • Stormwater management

  • Addressing flooding and drainage issues

  • Landslide prevention and planning for future events

  • Road maintenance program

  • Coordination between utilities and various roadway owners 

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